Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Awakening of the Divine Within

Dear Readers,

It is my experience that a human being's connection with the divine is priceless. By this I mean that all other things come with this relationship. If one's relationship with the divine is solid and the presence of the divine can be felt, heard and even seen, I would say this human being is very lucky.

There are endless possibilities when you can relate to the divine and receive a response. If you feel you have this sort of connection try any or all of the following:

Ask the divine [does'nt matter how you perceive the divine form or formless etc.] to heal you heart and fill your heart with its divine presence. Ask to hear the divine speak to you clearly and to guide you.

Spiritual Growth /Sprituality/ Happiness

Dear Readers,

Many people speak of spiritual achievement, spiritual growth;spiritual improvement. It is my firm belief that growth can only occur when one knows where they are at any given moment. By this I do not mean to say that one should measure his/her "powers", chakra's, energy, awakening or compare themselves to another person or a being one takes to be greater than oneself. No. By this I mean only one thing. Ask yourself: Are you happy? Are you happy ? No this is not a typo! ARE YOU HAPPY? If you are not happy then there is room for improvement.

If you are not happy or think you are happy here are seven questions you can ask yourself:

1) Are your relationships healed?
2) Is your heart filled with divine love or pain?
3) Do u feel lonely when you alone?
4) Do you feel anxious and tired for seemingly no reason.
5) Do you find your self not attracting the things you want as much as you focus on them?
6) Do you accept the experiences in your life?
7) Are you craving transformation or peace until you are hanging on by a single thread?

If you have decided that you are not happy. Come and experience the Oneness Blessing. If you decide it is something worth looking into then go to India and become a blessing giver and share this gift with everyone.

- Aditi ji