Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Awakening into Oneness

Awakening into Oneness is a gift from the universe/divine. This awakening is a biological happening by which the brain experiences each sense one at a time.

I know this because I have experienced it and so have many others all over the world. It is not a gift that I give to anyone as a OBG (oneness blessing giver). It is a gift that the universe is giving to itself. Just as the body heals itself from a bruise, so the universe heals itself from ignorance, suffering and the illusion of separation.

I can feel the pain of every human being, because their pain is no different from my own, we are not separate. I can feel the same anger, jealousy, fear, guilt, hurt, loneliness and craving for love because it is the same in each and everyone of us. Their pain is my pain and my pain is their's. There is no separation. The separation is an illusion born of ignorance. A great man once told me that we are separate because we think we are, but to know this isnt enough; it must be one's experience.

There is no greater pain than the pain of separation. I am no stranger to this pain. A pain that is so unbareable death seems like a good escape. What you don't know is that your very existence is the root of all your pain and suffering and in the absence of the feeling that you are there, is peace, bliss, emptiness and fullness. It is the feeling that you have never lived until that moment and although it is pure and great if you try to hold on to it, it slips away.

There is no greater pain than having experienced oneness and then feeling separate, but once it comes it will come back sure enough, always longer and better than the last time. Don't let it fool you-experiences come and go.

If you are asking the question: Is it permanent? The mere fact that you are asking means the answer is no. (Stinks does'nt it!)

Suffering does not co-exist with the presence. The presence is divine/universal consciousness. Man's suffering is inherent to man's consciousness alone. Ask the presence to come into your heart.

The above statement is from my own experience and may or may not reflect the veiws of the Oneness University, India. - Aditi ji

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